Taeyang by Hong Janghyun for Dazed and Confused Korea Dec 2013

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Favorite GD x J.Estina Outtakes 

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CL for ELLE Magazine (October 2014)

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140912 BIGBANG at YGFAMCON Presscon in Singapore

HD Photos: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4

Source: Samsung Mobile Singapore

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140911 G-Dragon PHHHOTO Update with T.O.P and Bobby

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i don’t understand but okay

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19/??? gifs of Choi Seunghyun from EX-O-FIT AND FREESTYLE TVC:  Making of
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Anonymous asked: Jibooty your booty be fine yeah

Ty ily

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140905 G-Dragon PHHHOTO Update with Daesung

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